All of our solid timber doors are completely handcrafted to your individual specifications and requirements. They are beautifully designed to compliment all exteriors and interiors. Whether Victorian, Federation, Art Deco, Traditional or Contemporary design, we can make a feature door with leadlight to suit.

We use only sustainably harvested hardwood, and offer you a range based on your intended usage and colour preferences. Density and hardness are particularly important for both fire rating and weather hardiness, and overall wear and tear. All doors on display are made from solid Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak.

Our restoration and building techniques are of the highest quality, using traditional woodworking methods to ensure all our product meet or exceed Australian Standards. Environmentally conscious, we aim to recycle or repurpose any materials left over from our manufacturing process. We even make use of the sawdust!

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Frequntly Asked Questions

Can you meet the BAL rating?

Yes, we can handcraft and custom build most entranceways and leadlight to meet your BAL rating requirements.

Why is your leadlight better than what I can get at other door suppliers?

Our leadlight products stand alone in Australia -  100% Australian made from 100% Australian materials & craftsmanship.

With unparalleled reinforced lead came we make ourselves, our leadlight panels also have a superior security feature.

In addition to the double-packed glass securing the pieces in place, all the pieces are hand-made here in our factory in Elaine, Vic. This allows us complete quality control from beginning to end.

We don't do mass-production, we don't rely on cheap overseas labour, and we don't sell anything that is less than perfect.


Is it safe to use leadlight is breezy doorways?

In addition to the inherent strength of leadlight windows, we can add tempered glass panels to either or both sides of the leadlight art. This provides additional strength to protect your leadlight against vandalism, brute force attacks, or weather accidents (wind slamming the door shut, tree branches brushing against the window, and such).

As an extra bonus, double or triple glazing the leadlight makes for easier cleaning by having a completely flat surface area.

How does the process work?

The process isn't complicated, and we work hand-in-hand with you all the way through from concept to installation. You'll be amazed at the difference in your home, office or venue when the work is installed!
For more details, see the commissioning page.

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